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Date :  14-Feb-2017

Dt. Shweta Sharma
D.F.N Dietitian Diploma in food & Nutrition

Weight Loss With Vegetables

To loss weight go vegetable....
Vegetables are the perfect food for fat loss because eating them is like “free” food. What I mean is that the amount of calories a vegetable contains is usually burned off during digestion. So it’s really like you’re eating food that provides no calories. In fact, some vegetables like lettuce require your digestive system to burn more calories than the lettuce contains! This concept is known as negative calorie balance. To top it off, veggies contain ample amounts of fiber, which help you feel more satiated. Needless to say, if you are trying to lose fat, veggies should be an important part of your nutrition strategy.

Most people have their largest (and unhealthiest) meal at dinner, right before going to bed. This may not be a good idea because eating too much right before you go to sleep can affect quality of your sleep and is associated with weight gain.

I’m not suggesting you have to cut carbs at night in order to lose fat and that all carbs are bad. In fact, I prefer a moderate carb diet to a low carb diet.

So go on and start......

Article Topic: Weight Loss With Vegetables
Article Comiled By:
Dr. Shweta Sharma
D.F.N Dietitian
Diploma in food & Nutrition

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