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Date :  24-Aug-2017

Dr. T.A Rana
M.B.B.S, MD (Dermatologist) Skin Specialist In Greator Noida Dermatologist In Greator Noida Venerologist In Greator Noida Cosmetic Laser Surgeon In Greator Noida.


It is often difficult to navigate all of the information out there on facial fillers. The length of time results last will vary from one patient to the next, but most patients experience results for around 1 year, sometimes up to one and a half year. The beauty of injectable treatment is that the treatment can be repeated as soon as results begin to dissipate.

Facial fillers treatment is generally performed in short office visits, lasting between 20-40 minutes depending on the exact treatment. Many patients come in for treatment on their lunch break.

Generally, there is no downtime after a filler injection. While each patient is different, most return to their normal activities right away. A procedure like fat grafting will require a little more downtime than fillers. However, it is minimal as fat grafting is a minimally invasive procedure.

Facial filler treatment provides a non-invasive, non-surgical way to get you desire. While results are temporary, there is no downtime and much lower chance of complications than with a lower face augmentation surgery. The price of filler treatment is going to depend on your treatment area.

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