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Date :  06-Jan-2018

Dr. Anupama Bisaria
M.B.B.S., M.D. (Skin & V.D) Skin Specialist In Noida. Dermatologist In Noida. Cosmetologist In Noida.

Winter Season and your Skin

Winters brings about a lot of changes in skin. Some feel that it's best season for their skin and others feel that the dryness of skin and dandruff could be bothersome during winters.

Our tips are:

1. Use emollients during bathing ( you can mix them in bathing water as well). For people with minimal dryness issues this would suffice and will bring down the need for regular moisturisers.

2. People who regularly face dandruff issues should start using anti dandruff shampoos lest the problem aggravates.

3. If you suffer from swollen and itchy fingers & toes during winters, visit your dermatologist asap, if treatment is started now, the recurrence can be prevented.

4. Winters means nuts, fruits and leafy vegetables . Do indulge.

5. Protect your skin from rising pollution levels. Use Vit C based sunscreen.

Happy Winters!

Article Compiled By :
Dr Anupama Bisaria
M.B.B.S., M.D
Skin & VD

Skin and Hair Destination Noida
Dr. Parul Gupta MDS, Orthodontist, Specialist in BRACES at Gupta Braces & Dental Clinic 9910 257 800


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