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Does your Back Hurt
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In this health article, I am just going to talk about some precautions which everyone should take with or without low back pain
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• Do not move anything heavy by pulling it in front of you. Always push and never pull.This reduces load on Back tissues

• Do not maintain any one position for a prolonged period. If you have been sitting for an hour, take a break walk for sometime and then continue with your work.short breaks mandatory

• Lift heavy items with your legs bent in squat position, not your back bent postion.

• Do not bend forwards. Bending forward does no good to anyone. It might twist your spine for all you know. So whenever you need to bend and pick up something, bend your knees first and not your back and pick up.

A slipped disk (also called a herniated disk) happens when a disk between the bones of the spine bulges and presses on nerves, this is often caused by twisting while lifting. Hence, kep your back straight and bend at your knees.

• Avoid jerks and sudden abrupt movement.
Like sudden picking up something suddenly getting up , sudden forward bent etc.

• Try to turn a side first to get up from bed or to get up from lying position

• Do basic Back exercises regularly to keep your back strong. Do strengthening as well stretching exercises of back on regular routine.

Article Compiled By:
Dr. Kanika Goel
B.P.T., M.T.F.I., M.I.A.P
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