Best Acne Treatment in Ghaziabad - Raj Nagar & Patel Nagar


Wash face twice to thrice in a day with mild cleanser as acne prone skin is sensitive

Always apply a water based moisturiser to keep skin hydrated as acne treatment tends to make skin dry
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One can apply clindamycin gel or benzoyl peroxide 2.5 percent cream over pimples to help it dry

Resist touching, picking, and popping your acne as it may worsen it

Acne prone skin feels oily and full of grime but avoid scrubbing the face as it worsens acne

Keep your mobile screen, pillowcases, scarves that touch your acne prone skin clean

If acne is mild following these steps might help. Any acne treatment requires atleast a month to work.

One should enlist a skin specialist’s help if above suggestions do not help or if acne is severe ie mainly pus filled lesions that is healing with marks and scars

Under a dermatologist’s supervision acne is totally treatable without leaving any scars and marks as treatment plan is always customised as per the requirement.

Article Compiled By: Dr. Bhavuk Mittal (MD Skin)
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