Laser Hair Removal Treatment Cost in Delhi, india

Laser Hair Removal Treatment  Facts & Cost in Delhi, india.

If you are planning to get laser hair reduction treatment and want to know the best price or cost for quality and painless laser hair removal in New Delhi, india for either men or women then BALLANI SKIN AND HAIR AESTHETICS is the right clinic for full body laser hair removal in Delhi/Ncr, which is headed by renowned dermatologist Dr. Indu Ballani, who is one of the best skin specialist doctor having expertise in laser hair removal treatments in Delhi equipped with advanced and latest laser hair removal procedures.
Best Laser Hair Removal in Delhi/NCR

Latest Technology Center For Laser Hair Reduction in Delhi:

For treatment and consultation related to laser hair removal by Dr. Indu Ballani, you can visit one of our well advanced clinic equipped with latest laser machines, which is located in connaught place in heart of the capital delhi, or consult at karol Bagh, patel nagar in BLK Hospital, west delhi, india.

Benefits of Hair Removal By Laser

Laser hair removal has become one of the safest and easiest way in today's world of cosmetics and derma.
If you are having extra body hair growth and been tired from routine old methods of risky hot waxing or irritated by shaving your legs, arms or on other body parts regularly then you have to choose this SAFE, EFFECTIVE and POPULAR laser hair removal procedure by the qualified team of doctors and cosmetologists for effective laser hair removal treatments of your choices like UPPER LIPS, UNDER ARMS, LEGS, STOMACH, BIKINI, CHIN, FACIAL HAIR REMOVAL IN NEW DELHI, INDIA.

What is the Cost of Laser Hair Removal Treatment in Delhi, india?

Important  things for cost & prices -
Laser hair removal cost range varies from Rs.1,000 to Rs.20,000 per session.

Sessions Required:

Total cost of laser hair removal depends on number of sessions required.

Why a Certified Laser Hair Removal Centre in Delhi over Any Salon?

Laser hair removal cost also depends on the expertise, experience and the supervision of the qualified and certified doctor, clinic staff & the technician performing the procedure.
surely the price of laser hair treatment goes down, when the procedure performed in salon in spite of certified dermatologist in metro cities likes delhi/ncr.

Area & Size of Hair follicles Matters:

Size of the hair follicles area and time required for the laser treatment is also a price factor.

Quality & Latest Technology:

The brand and quality of the laser machine being used in Treatment -
What is Diode Laser Hair Removal & How does it work?

About The Device; Vikini Diode Laser:

It’s a 808nm wave length diode laser with good melanin absorption rate.
It’s equipped with collimated lens which reduces energy loss and delivers high energy to hair follicle.
It also has sapphire tip of 2°Celsius for contact cooling which makes the treatment less painful.

This machine has 3 different treatment modes:
1. FDP (fast delivery pulse): this mode works by sweeping technique to eliminate ship areas often left by ‘one pulse‘ lasers.
2. DP1(delivery pulse1) : this has short, long, blend and burst mode which can be chosen according to hair and skin type.
3. DP2(delivery pulse2): this mode is very effective for fine hair.
4. Diode of Machine is FDA Approved.

Mechanism of Action:

Laser light targets the melanin pigment present in the hair.
After multiple sessions as this melanin pigment reduces there is delay in hair growth and the hair which regrows is thinner and finer.

Pre-Treatment Preparations:

1. No shaving before 10-15 days before the session.
2. Avoid excessive sun exposure.
3. No parlour activity 7 days before the session.

Laser light works only on anagen phase, so the hair in catagen and telogen phase are spared.
Hence multiple sessions are required as only 30% of hair are present in anagen phase at a time.
According to individual’s assessment and body physiology number of sessions may vary from 6 to 8 sessions.

Facts About Laser Hair Reduction Vs Laser Hair Removal:

1. Lasers are for hair reduction and not for removal.
2. These Lasers are absolutely safe and have no down time.
3. Thicker the hair better the result, since these lasers works on melanin pigment so thicker the hair more the melanin in it.
4. Pcod patients might need more number of sessions than regular ones as hormonal imbalance affects the hair cycle too.
5. Usually 2-3 maintenance sessions/year are required after completion of required sessions.

Side Effects of Laser Hair Reduction/Removal:

1. Usually there are no side effects if done under supervision of a skilled dermatologist and good quality Laser machine.
2. Lasers are usually pain-free, just a warm sensation and mild redness may occur which goes away in 1-2 hours after the treatment.
3. Some may develop red bumps(folliculitis) or acne for which your doctor might give you some antibiotics for application.

Laser Hair Removal - (FAQ'S):
Who Should Go For Hair Reduction Laser?

Anybody who wants to get rid of unwanted hair can take hair reduction laser treatment.

Who Should Avoid Laser Hair Removal?

1. Person having active infection such as acne, warts etc.
2. Skin prone to allergies.
3. Person having keloidal tendencies.
4. People having unrealistic expectations.

Gap Between Sessions?

Ideally a gap of 1 month is required between two sessions.

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