Prostate Treatment Without Surgery in Rohini, Pitampura

Is Prostate Treatment Without Surgery Possible


Enlargementent of Prostate is a common problem seen in men above 50 years of age.

Problems they face are :
• Frequent urination
• Thin or decreased stream of urine
• Intermittency or start stop start kind of flow
• Increased night time urination
• Urgency or inability to hold urine
• Incontinence or sudden involuntary leakage  of urine

Investigations required:
1. Ultrasound to assess the size of Prostate and pre and post void residual urine.

2. Uroflowmetry - A simple test where you have to pass urine in a machine which produces a report in the form of a graph and gives vital information.

3. Serum PSA

4. Urine routine examination

5. Kidney function test

6. Blood sugar levels in case of diabetes

These are all very simple tests and evaluates your problem.

• For the treatment part now there is some good news for such patients.

Over 90% of people suffering from enlarged prostate can be treated with simple medicine which are very safe, In fact more than 96% of our patients have benefited with proper evaluation and medical treatment.

• Surgery is required in only a few patients and that can be done endoscopically without cutting or stitches and is a minimally invasive surgery.

• Now what happens if you ignore your problems - Complications of enlarged Prostate left untreated
Some people feel that urinary problems after a certain age is common and nothing can be done about it.
Well it's common to have urinary problems but a lot can be done very easily so that complications do not arise.

• If left untreated it may cause
1. Recurrent urinary infection

2. Might result in retention of urine requiring catheterisation (Acute retention of urine).

3. Chronic retention of urine where large amounts of urine is left in your bladder after passing urine. This might result in damage to the kidneys if left untreated.

4. Blood in urine

5. Damage to the urinary bladder as more and more amount of urine left in the bladder will weaken the muscles of your bladder.
6. In most severe cases where treatment is ignored it might result in kidney failure.

• Even patients who have retention of urine and are on a catheter, treatment with medicines might help in upto 70% cases.
• Some (very few) people might be having prostate cancer which can easily be detected by the above mentioned investigations and a digital examination of the prostate

If diagnosed early results of prostate cancer treatment are very good.