10 ways to lose weight and boost health

Every other person in the world yearns to shed their extra kilos and build a healthy body. In the quest of doing so, many people end up opting for fad diet which although helps in fast weight loss but in reality, is not healthy at all.
Hence, to ensure your weight loss strategies are worthwhile, pay heed to the below points as these tips will help you lose weight in the healthiest manner possible.

Consume fiber-rich food
Fiber intake is highly important in your diet especially when you are planning to lose weight because there are some studies that say fiber immensely helps in the loss of extra weight. So, have beans, oats, nuts and seeds to fill your belly with fiber.

Avoid foods containing added sugar
Added sugar is one of the key reasons behind the unwanted weight gain and other health issues like heart diseases, diabetes, and many more. You must avoid consuming soda, candy and baked goods as these foods contain a lot of added sugar.
Ingest healthy fat
Although fats need to get cut in order to lose weight, you must know that the healthy fats play a very important role in the weight loss regime. Usage of avocadoes, olive oil and nuts in daily diet has shown various weight loss benefits in numerous studies. Moreover, healthy fats make you feel fuller, consequently reducing cravings.

Protein in breakfast
Including protein rich foods in breakfast helps keep your body healthy for the entire day. Also, consuming proteins like eggs and vegetables every day in the morning greatly helps in losing weight.

Avoid drinking calories
The drinks that are advertised to enhance the strength more often than not contain unwanted components such as added sugar, artificial coloring, and high amount of calories which can lead to weight gain. Hence, it’s better to consume normal water to avoid calorie intake.

Reduce intake of refined carbs
Refined carbs are foods that have had their fiber and other nutrients removed such as bread, pasta, white flour, etc. and get easily digested making you feel hungry sooner. Therefore, it’s better to opt for complex carbs as they help keep the stomach feel fuller for longer.

Have whole foods
Foods that do not have a long list of ingredients are likely to provide you with good amount of nutrients. Remember, a food with unending ingredients means it is not as healthy as your body requires.

Loaded vegetable intake
Majority of the vegetables are full of nutrients that the body requires. Consuming vegetables everyday tends to help in the weight loss and decreases the risk of diabetes and heart disease.

Smart snacking
Having unhealthy snacks leads to unhealthy body which is why it is best to get your hands on the healthy snacks i.e., fruit or vegetable salad, nuts, etc.

Practice interesting exercises
Making workout a daily routine helps in the weight loss immensely. Also, it is best to choose a workout that makes you feel good so that you stick with it for longer and get the desired results without breaking a sweat.

Therefore, keep the aforementioned tips in mind to ensure you lose weight in a healthy and safe manner.

Article Compiled By:
Dr. Pankaj Kumar
Fitness and Nutrition Coach
Mawkish Weight Loss Centre Janakpuri, West Delhi.