Why are you not Losing Weight (Real Reasons)

Many people work hard for weight loss but they don't get desired results. There are many reasons for not getting results.

Reason No 1 - You are eating too less then daily requirement.

Reason No 2 - You are not following proper diet. Take five to six daily small and healthy meals for effective weight loss.

Reason No 3 - Inadequate Sleep is also one of the reason. You should take atleast 7 to 8 Hrs of sound sleep.

Reason No 4 - Not drinking enough water. Take 2 to 3 litre water daily.

Reason No 5 - Hypothyroid could be the reason for not losing weight.

Reason No 6 - PCOD is another reason weight stuck Reason No 7 - Any kind of physical or proffessional Stress. You should do yoga or meditation to get rid of stress.

Reason No 8 - Weight loss plateau. After some time your body gets used to your physical activity and diet. You need to change your activity and diet.

Reason No 9 - You are not doing any physical activity. Do some kind of activity like walk, stairs, exercise, cycling, dance etc

Article Compiled By :
Dt. Arti Kalra

Dietitian in Noida
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